For A Better Future, Live In A Red State

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It's the great American debate: should you live in a red state or a blue state for a better quality life? There are many factors which go into making this decision: economic growth, education, health care, environment, ideological values, and more. Never before has this conversation been so prevalent than in modern political discourse.

In this episode of Intelligence Squared, four panelists sit down to debate the statement: "For a better future, live in a red state." The mass migration to the Sunbelt and other traditionally conservative states has been an ongoing trend for much of the past century. That being said, blue states have proven to be influential birth-points for some of the country's most major cultural developments -- and that attracts people as well.

Arguing in favor of the motion is Hugh Hewitt, radio host of the Hugh Hewitt Show, and Stephen Moore, editorial board member of The Wall Street Journal.

Arguing against the motion is Gray Davis, the 37th Governor of California, and Michael Lind, co-founder of the New America Foundation.