The Best of #YSLTF ('You Should Listen To' Friday) on Twitter

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Last week radio producer Sam Greenspan of the design podcast 99 Percent Invisible gave a shout out to a new show from WFMU called "Why Oh Why" and added the hashtag #YSLTF ('You Should Listen To' Friday). 

I saw the tweet a few days later and reached out to him, saying "Let's make #YSLTF a thing this Friday." Then we got Andrea Silenzi, host of "Why Oh Why" involved, and BOOM! a new Twitter trend was born.

The mini-meme is growing with tons of radio makers and radio lovers tweeting out the handles and links to their favorite podcasts, radio segments and audio storytelling.

Many people chose to honor the passing of Nelson Mandela with Nelson Mandela: An Audio History from Radio Diaries

A lot of other great suggestions are coming in from long-form radio stories to audio essays.

People are also suggesting everything from found sound to favorite episodes of well-known shows like This American Life to lesser-known podcasts.

Here are 10 to check out, recommended from our fellow #YSLTF followers...

Consider Eating Dust: A Cowboy Tale (Stanford Storytelling Project) — @atrufelman

Arctic Monkeys Serve Up a Hot Soundtrack, Cool Pudding (Dinner Party Download) — @manoushz

The Antidote: DNA Secrets (WNYC Radio) — @jimschachter

The Too Hard Basket (Third Coast International Audio Festival) — @Meg_Cramer

The Fighter Pilot (How Sound) — @samlistens

The Ballad of Daniel D. Portado (Radio Ambulante) — @stan_alcorn

Powerlifter Not Daunted By Down Syndrome (Only a Game) — @Laskowski_C

The Sunshine Hotel (Sound Portraits) — @s_nessen

Ministry of Presence (Unfictional) — @juliastmi

The Piano Van Recordings (Random Tape) — @ramsgatesounds

We're also happy to report that #YSLTF ("yissel-toff"?) is already turning into a verb (like Google). 

We'll be sure to keep updating the list.  And be sure to join the conversation!