To The Best Of Our Knowledge: BBQ

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Supersized slabs of juicy ribs cooked over a wood fire until the meat slides right off the bone... food doesn't get more American than barbecue. It's part of our roots. And it's tangled up in our racial history. In this special from To The Best Of Our Knowledge, celebrate barbecue and explore its secret history.

Hear from John T. Edge, the Director of the Southern Foodways Alliance and a James Beard Award-winning writer. He says we're living in a "Golden Age" of barbecue, but that's come at the expense of barbecue's troubled racial history. Historian Andrew Warnes chimes in about the undercurrents of racism in the history of barbecue.

Then, Helen Turner -- the "Queen of Barbecue" and owner and pitmaster of Helen's Bar-B-Q in Brownsville, TN -- talks about what it's like to be one of the few women pitmasters in the country.

Next, it's over to Kansas City, one of the country's best-known cities for barbeque. Doug Worgul works for Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que in Olathe, KS, and he explains what makes Kansas City-style barbecue different from other styles.

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