The Best, Most Inaccurate Twitter Pic Account Around

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A few weeks ago, we did a TLDR episode about the general inaccuracy of those "amazing pics" accounts, which frequently post photoshopped, poorly sourced, unattributed photos.

Darius Kazemi, the prolific Twitter Bot creator, has come up with an amazing parody of these "pic" accounts called "Miraculous Pics."

Miraculous pics combines captions scraped from other pic accounts with totally random images. The juxtaposition is often striking and very very funny.

As a stand-alone twitter account, it's funny to watch a bot combine random captions and photos, and it also works as comment on the lack of rigor that is brought to those terrible inaccurate twitter accounts like @historyinpics. The Miraculous Pics twitter bio even includes a shout out to friend of TLDR and accuracy crusader Paulo Ordoveza, AKA @PicPedant.