The Best of the Best: Your 2013 Cell Phone Photos : Slideshow

Monday, December 30, 2013

Photo by Tamar Ashdot-Bari

I took this photograph of my college-bound friend Zoya this summer at Kelders Farm in Hudson Valley, NY. She was posing for the picture when a nearby cow made a dive for her bouquet of flowers. Zoya is an NYU freshman now. The photograph captures the essence of Zoya, a Manhattan girl who loves the country.

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Photo by Holly Faison

Misfits. I took this at a NJ Goodwill store. It's across the street from a strip mall of popular retail stores. Aside from being colorful I noticed that many of the same toys were at the retail stores across the street and ended up here at the Goodwill a few months later. I love capturing all of these absurdities of daily life especially around rural suburbia. It's all out there and it's often bittersweet.

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by Lizzie Ford-Madrid

I took the picture because I found myself wondering what that man thought of the mayor's statement and if he was affected by stop and frisk in anyway.

I took it on the 6 train in the Bronx.

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Photo by Will Adamy

I took this photo during a music video shoot for a friend of mine Ming Kurray (aka Jack Pizzo). While doing some time-lapse of my two good friends, I snapped this photo perfectly when the sun was setting between the two of them. This was in Burbank, we kind of just winged it driving around and exploring a good place on the hill to view the sunset. I love how spontaneous it was to run across this beautiful lookout point. Couldn't have asked for a better shoot!

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Photo by Shauni Kirby

This photo was taken in Burlington, Vermont. I stopped and took this because I noticed the red volvo in front of the red and pink house - which is pretty perfect. 

I like it because it is truly a one of a kind image, I've walked past that house a thousand times since - and the volvo is gone.

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Photo by Micah V

Nobody wants to get into a big white essentially windowless van.

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Photo by Jay Cagney

Fall group motorcycle ride, about to go over Dingman's Ferry Bridge, one of the few privately owned toll bridges in the US.

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Photo by Anja

Yoga in Prospect Park. Always a funny sight but one of the great things about summer!

photo by Jordana Baldwin

An unseasonably warm day at the Pier 6 Playground.

The angle of the sun and the overall coordinated palette of the playground and the child's sneaker sole, put me on alert that a good image was possibly afoot. Then I got lucky that my iPhone lens fired about as quickly as I hoped it would.

This shot captures the distinct joy of freedom after a long day in the 3rd grade.

photo by Tracy Gill

Duane Street, Manhattan. 4 p.m., September 18th, 2013. I liked how peaceful the man looked spooning with his dinosaur, nobody bothered him; and the next day, the pink dinosaur was back hanging at the corner Balloon Saloon with his inflatable buddies.

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