50 Years Ago, Breakfast Changed Forever

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The mighty Belgian waffle. Don't worry, the strawberries and cream are on the other side.

The Belgian waffle arrived at the New York World's Fair 50 years ago, and breakfast was never the same. To celebrate such a sweet event, listen to this report on the 1958 Brussels World's Fair —"the first World's Fair of the Atomic Age!!"


The tasty, light waffle (technically a Brussels waffle) had failed to cause a sensation on its U.S. debut at the '61 Seattle World's Fair, but in New York it, um, fared better: MariePaule Vermersch, now 66, remembers helping her parents (her mother, 95, still lives in Queens) dish out the delicacies to endless lines of hungry Fair-goers for days on end.

Meanwhile, the 1958 Brussels World's Fair, the first one after WWII, did indeed host more than 40 million visitors. Its symbol was the Atomium, a 300-foot replica of a stylized atom —still a Brussels landmark.