On Being: The Science Of Healing Places

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In this special, week-long series from On Being: delving into new wisdom about the complex mysteries of the universe... and how science is informing what it means to be human.

Host Krista Tippett speaks with immunologist Esther Sternberg about the scientific research revealing how physical spaces create stress and make us sick -- and how good design can aid in the healing process.

Architects are working with scientists to imbue the spaces we move through -- the sights, sounds, and smells of them -- with active healing properties. Sternberg is a pioneer on this new frontier that’s giving rise to disciplines like neuroimmunology and environmental psychology. And she says all of us can create surroundings and even portable sensations to manage stress and feel better.

"The Science Of Healing Places" is the second episode in a series from On Being called "Science On Human Frontiers." You can hear it each night at 9pm on 93.9FM, WNYC.

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