#3633: Being Dufay, And Machaut

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This New Sounds is based on older sounds from nearly 600 years ago in re-imaginings of the music by 14th Century French composer Guillaume de Machaut and 15th Century Franco-Flemish composer Guillaume Dufay . In fact, listen to Guillaume de Machaut’s “greatest hit” -“Douce Dame Jolie” in a number of interesting arrangements: a world music-inflected arrangement by Robert Sadin and an electronically enhanced version from Theo Bleckmann. Then, hear reinventions of Machaut from the Swiss trombonist Samuel Blaser and his Consort in Motion.

Blaser takes the music by the 14th Century French composer as the basis for a warm, welcoming adventure into jazz constructs, performed by four stellar musicians, including Joachim Badenhorst on clarinets, Russ Lossing on piano, Drew Gress on bass, and Gerry Hemingway on drums. Here, Machaut’s greatest hit, "Douce Dame Jolie" is an inviting piece for solo bass, joined for the last seconds by the clarinet. Theo Bleckman’s version of "Douce Dame Jolie" is augmented with hand-held percussion and loops of drones, and overtone singing.

There’s also music by 15th century composer Guilaume Dufay, in similar layers by English composer Ambrose Field. Tenor John Potter sings Dufay’s songs, then used those recordings as source material for highly crafted soundscapes. Plus, listen to the Sanctus from one of Guillaume Dufay’s masses, along with a recomposition of “Douce Dame Jolie” by Tarik O’Regan, and more.

PROGRAM #3633 Being Dufay, And Machaut (First aired on 9/05/2014)  





Theo Bleckmann


Douce dame jolie (Machaut) [4:25]

Songlines #1534

Ambrose Field, feat. John Potter

Being Dufay

Dufay: Sanctus [8:32]

ECM 2071

The Orlando Consort , Paul Hillier, conductor The Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

O'Regan: Scattered Rhymes / Hillier, Orlando Consort


Tarik O’Regan: Douce dame jolie [4:34]

Harmonia Mundi 807469

Ensemble Recherche

Isabel Mundry: Dufay-Bearbeitungen; Traces des Moments; Sandschleifen


Isabelle Mundry : Dufay-Bearbeitungen II. Se la face ay pale [3:36]

Kairos - #1264
Info at

Samuel Blaser Consort in Motion

Mirror to Machaut

“Complainte” Tels rit au main qui au soir pleure [5:36]
Douce Dame jolie [1:39]
De fortune me doy pleindre et loer [2:14]

Songlines Recordings - #1604

Robert Sadin, feat. Hassan Hakmoun

The Art of Love: Music of Machaut

Douce dame [3:24]

Deutsche Grammophon 474 1952 deutschegrammophon.com

David Rothenberg, Graame Boone, Glen Velez

On The Cliffs Of The Heart

Joie Plaisence (Machaut) [5:47]

New Tone 6744 www.felmay.it
Out of print.
Only available as iTunes download

Robert Sadin, feat. Hassan Hakmoun

The Art of Love: Music of Machaut

Comment [5:32]

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