4 Tips for Beating Bad Buns and Overcoming Overcondimentation

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You don't need to be a victim of bad buns and overcondimentation.

Bad hot dog buns are a dry and crumbly scourge on our great land. Even some of the fresh-baked varieties are problematic, because they're so thick that they throw off the proper dog-to-bun ratio.

When you do get the bun right, you still have to worry about condiments. Spread them carelessly and there’s no going back.

Here’s how to overcome overcondimentation and make bad buns better:

1. Buy better buns. The best are top-sliced buns that you griddle in butter. Next best option: potato buns.

The bun and the dog, happy together. 

2. Use the dog to improve the bun. If you’re stuck with a dry bun, as soon as you put the hot dog in it, press the bun down all around to smoosh it into the dog. The heat and moisture from the dog will warm and moisten the bun. Plus you’re removing air from the bun, giving it a dense toothsinkability and moving your tongue closer to the dog.

A different sort of dog-bun ratio. 

3. Alter your ratios. Buy three times more hot dogs than buns. Slice the buns into thirds and simply use them as doghandles. After all, the dog is the star. And this technique makes it easier than ever to…

Dipping the dog, for best results.

4. Dip on a per-bite basis. Don’t pour condiments right on your hot dog! That locks you in to one dog-to-condiment ratio throughout. What if you want a bite with ketchup and mustard, then one unadulterated? When you dip on a per-bite basis you can many experiences from just one hot dog.

Watch the video above to see these tips in action! Check out my cooking series You're Eating It Wrong for more videos. And hear my entire hot dog episode of The Sporkful here.