BBC Witness: Women's History Month Special

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In honors of Women's History Month, listen to a one-hour special from BBC Witness highlighting some of the defining moments of women's rights, in addition to inspiring stories from figures traditionally overlooked in the classroom.

We'll hear from numerous people involved in the women's suffrage movement in Britain, a multi-faceted campaign that began in the 1870's. Kathrine Switzer will share her experience of being the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967. Women were not allowed to compete alongside men until 1972. Writer and performer Marsha Hunt takes us back to the '60s and talks about gender and racial discrimination in London. Nell McCafferty recalls the events of the Irish Contraceptive Train when women in the Republic fought to overturn legislation that made birth control illegal. Valentina Tereshkova takes us into space and speaks about the controversy surrounding her status as the first Russian woman cosmonaut. And Jacqui Ceballos explains the motives behind the 1970 Women's Strike For Equality in New York.