#3697: Australian Music

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Listen to music from Australia on this New Sounds show, with everything from didjeridu to a gamelan-influenced work, and a suite from a ballet score. Hear the driving rhythms and expansive harmonies of post-rock and minimalism in “Practical Mechanics,” a five-movement work by composer Chris Perren for his Nonsemble. Nonsemble is the Brisbane, Australia-based new music group which considers itself a link between the conservatory and the underground. The work “Practical Mechanics” is "an ode to technological optimism, and playfully explores the belief that science can solve all human problems" (Nonsemble's Bandcamp.) It is scored for junk percussion, a sampler, a piano and a string quartet and takes its titles and text from vintage 1933-63 issues of the DIY British science and technology publication where one could learn how to build a Geiger counter at home and other practical science applications.

Also, there’s music from Australia’s first minimalist composer Robert Lloyd and music by the late composer Peter Sculthorpe, who made it his mission to incorporate aboriginal themes and sounds of the Outback into his music. Then, hear music by saxophonist John Babbage, who is a member of one of Australia's leading new music ensembles, Topology. Plus, ballet music from Elena Kats Chernin, and didjeridu music from David Hudson.

PROGRAM #3697– Music from Australia (First aired on 02/18/2015)             





Elena Kats-Chernin

Wild Swans

Eliza Aria, excerpt [1:00]

Australia Broadcasting Corp #ABC 4767639
Available at buywell.com or iTunes


Practical Mechanics

Chris Perren: Movement 1 - The Great Awakening [5:26]
Movement 3 -Hovercraft, Transport of the Future [2:46]



The Difference Engine

John Babbage: φχ174 [6:15]

Serrated Records 311008

Various: Ros Bandt

Austral Voices

Genesis [9:36]

New Albion #028
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Elena Kats-Chernin | Tasmanian Symphony | Ola Rudner

Wild Swans

Green Leaf [2:30]
Eliza Aria [3:00]
Darkness In the Forest [3:30]
Glow Worms [1:30]

Australia Broadcasting Corp #ABC 4767639
Available at buywell.com or iTunes

Robert Lloyd


Measure Against Measure [5:30]

Private Australian release. Info: australianmusiccentre.com.au

Sydney Symphony Orchestra Edo De Waart, Cond.


Little Nourlangie [4:37]

ABC 454 513
Australian Broadcasting Corp.
Out of print.  Information at petersculthorpe.com.au

Steve Roach, David Hudson

The Art of the Didjeridu: Selected Pieces 1987 - 1997

Dreamroads [4:57]

Celestial Harmonies 13071 / 15029

Robert Lloyd


Bhakti, excerpt [1:00]

Private Australian release. Info: australianmusiccentre.com.au