Atmospheric Percussion Works


This New Sounds is chock full of works that use percussion atmospherically.  Hear the looped hockety rhythms of the Portico Quartet, who create a hypnotic electrified and trancey soundworld on their most recent release.  There's also concert music from the wide-ranging New York luminary, Joseph Byrd, as performed by ACME (American Contemporary Music Ensemble), featuring Timo Andres.  Plus, pianist Benedikt Jahnel and his trio focus on rhythmic placement to achieve atmospheric wordless songs. Perhaps there will also be music from drummer Allison Miller or a gamelan-laden dance score from composer Mary Ellen Childs. And more.

PROGRAM #3433, Painting with Percussion (First aired on 2/20/2013)                                       





Mary Ellen Childs


Wreck Theme [4:30]
First Wave (parts 1& 2)[6:30]
Spirit Duet [2:42]
Duet [1:58]
Kalli [3:58]

Innova 844

Portico Quartet

Portico Quartet

Laker Boo [7:52]

Real World 591

Benedikt Jahnel Trio


Moorland & Hill Land [13:52]

ECM 2251

ACME, feat. Alan Zimmerman, percussion

Joseph Byrd—NYC 1960-1963

Joseph Byrd: Water Music, excerpt [10:00]

New World Records 80738