Ask Manoush: (Warning! This Post Requires Willpower)

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Originally published February 4, 2015.

As you probably heard this morning, deleting the game Two Dots was an emotional experience for me. To put it mildly.

A report: OK, so I'm still in mourning.

But I'm still here. I'm more productive. I'm not going to reinstall the app tomorrow.


I want to answer three questions that have come up in various ways this morning:

Q1: Wait... are you getting me addicted to something else? Are you offering me heroin in place of cocaine?

A1: I'll admit, this is a risk. I mean, look at the list below. Temptation comes in many many forms. We have to be able to live among the candy-soda-trivia-cocktails.

Which brings me to....

Q2: Which app should I delete?

A2: So, by that logic here's the list (the links are to responses from Bored and Brilliant participants, don't worry) as of Wednesday afternoon:

Q3: So how do you steel yourself against them?

A3: I'm gonna let you all answer this one. 

Batch delete

Don't save your passwords 

Put Moment or BreakFree where that app used to sit

"Meghan Powell Deleted FB but I had to come back to tell you that I put the Break Free app in FB's spot on my homescreen. Ok that's all... byeeeeeee!" 

Recruit some help