#3682: The Art of Tom Waits

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On this program, we devote an hour to the music of Tom Waits, sampling his distinctive voice and musical soundworld. The American singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and actor falls neatly into the New Sounds wheelhouse where carnival music, cocktail bar music, the stuff of children’s nightmares, art song, jazz, and rock intersect. From the unmistakeable version of his song, “Way Down in the Hole”- covers of which ran during the title sequences of each season of HBO’s “The Wire”- to his singing along to Gavin Bryars’ hypnotic lament in “Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet,” to musical plays co-written with Kathleen Brennan, and even Disney songs, listen to an hour of music from Tom Waits.

Hear the Tom Waits version of the work song, “Heigh Ho!” from Disney’s Snow White, a few excerpts from his early recording, “Closing Time,” as well as highlights from his Faustian musical stage work The Black Rider – a collaboration with director Robert Wilson and librettist William Burroughs. There’s also music from a collaboration by the English composer Gavin Bryars and the mezzo-soprano Jess Walker, “Mercy and Grand,” a project exploring music of Tom Waits. Plus, listen to Waits render his raspy “Innocent When You Dream," the almost cookie-monster throaty drunk-like voice combined with pump organ, bass, banjo, and piano from a collection of live recordings - the Bridge School's Benefit Concerts. Then jazzers Aaron Shragge, Brandon Bernstein, and Matt Otto (featuring Greg Leisz on pedal steel guitar) take on Waits’ “Innocent When You Dream,” and musician Taylor Haskins takes on “Take It With Me” on melodica. And more.


PROGRAM #3682 The Art of Tom Waits (First aired on 1/13/2015)  





Tom Waits

Franks Wild Years

Way Down in the Hole, excerpt [1:00]

Universal/Island - #2404

Tom Waits

The Black Rider

The Black Rider [3:17]

Island - #CID 8021 (Universal)
Available at Amazon.com (Auto-Rip)  or iTunes

Blind Boys of Alabama

Spirit of the Century

Way Down in the Hole (Tom Waits) [2:56]

RealWorld/CEMA / Real World Records - #CDRW 95

Various Artists: Tom Waits

Stay Awake: Various Interpretations of Music from Vintage Disney Films

Heigh Ho! [3:31]

A&M #CD-3918
Or available for purchase at Amazon.com

Gavin Bryars, ft. Tom Waits


Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet, radio edit [3:50]

Point 438-823. Amazon.com
Also, visit gavinbryars.com for info.

Tom Waits

Closing Time

Ol' 55, excerpt [:15]

Elektra - #7559608362

Tom Waits

Closing Time

Ice Cream Man, excerpt [:30]

Elektra - #7559608362

Jess Walker

Mercy and Grand

Tom Waits, arr. Gavin Bryars: Broken Bicycles [4:00]

GB Records BCGBCD18
Available at Amazon.com
Info at: gavinbryars.com

Tom Waits

Black Rider

the Briar and the Rose [3:50]

See above.

Jess Walker

Mercy and Grand

Barbara Allen [3:31]
Tom Waits, arr. Gavin Bryars:
the Briar and the Rose [3:31]

See Above.

Brandon Bernstein, Aaron Shragge & Matt Otto

Innocent When You Dream

Blue Valentine (Tom Waits), excerpt [:47]

Jazz Collective

Various Artists: Tom Waits

Bridge School Collection, Vol. 1 (the 80-song collection)

Innocent When You Dream (Live) [5:04]

Digital only Available at iTunes

Brandon Bernstein, Aaron Shragge & Matt Otto

Innocent When You Dream

Innocent When You Dream (Tom Waits) [2:49]

See Above

Taylor Haskins

Fuzzy Logic

Take It With Me (Tom Waits) [3:04]

Sunnyside - #SSD-CD-1296