Are You Related to A.J. Jacobs?

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Are you related to A.J. Jacobs, Esquire editor at large and author of Drop Dead Healthy and The Year of Living Biblically? Probably! In his latest project, A.J. is trying to create the world's biggest family tree, connecting him to everyone else on the planet. He discusses the project, the revolution in online genealogy, and the huge family reunion he's planning -- you're invited.

Add Yourself to A.J.'s Family Tree

On today's show, we're going to try and map part of A.J.'s tree live on the radio. Below is a list of famous people A.J. has already discovered he's related to. If you see someone on the list you know you're related to, call 212-433-9692 or post below. It means you're related to A.J. (our condolences) and you've earned a branch on his family tree.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow 
  • Albert Einstein 
  • Sir Paul McCartney 
  • Norman Mailer 
  • Gabrielle Giffords 
  • Albert Brooks 
  • Michael Bloomberg 
  • Quincy Jones 
  • Tony Kushner 
  • Judge Judy 
  • John Quincy Adams 
  • Leonard Nimoy 
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

Even if you don't see a relative of yours on the list above, you can still help A.J.'s project by connecting your family tree to his -- here's how.