Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?

Thursday, June 26, 2014 - 12:08 PM

When it comes to the correct definition of a sandwich, I’m a strict constructionist. I believe we must look to the Earl of Sandwich’s original intent, which is why I’ve been dubbed the Scalia of Sandwiches.

Even with my conservative approach to sandwichdom, I consider a hot dog to be a sandwich. That’s why I was shocked to see recently that a man I respect and admire, Judge John Hodgman, had ruled that hot dogs are not sandwiches.

He writes, “Unlike any sandwich, you would NEVER cut and serve a hot dog in halves, unless under some weird duress. A half sandwich may be saved or shared, but a hot dog is a unity.

Listen to the above clip from The Sporkful, in which I dismantle Judge Hodgman’s verdict piece-by-piece. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. And check out next week’s whole show on hot dogs for much more.

Where do you stand? Are hot dogs sandwiches?


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anything between two breads or buns is a sandwich!

Jul. 18 2014 03:56 PM
U.S. Sandwich Council from United States

As much love and respect as we share for Mr. Hodgman, we must agree with The Sporkful on this one.

Jul. 02 2014 12:43 PM
steve from sweet new jersey

Come on! He never went to a cookout with kids? Of course you cut hot dogs in half... the little monsters/darlings only take a couple of bites then run off to do their kid thing. Nobody wastes a full dog on a kid at a cookout. Come on!

Jun. 26 2014 10:23 PM

American hot dogs (which to me most closely resemble a skinny bologna) are just as much a sandwich as a cheese steak or a hoagie or a wrap. The problem with Judge John Hodgman's logic is that it takes two hot dogs to make a meal. One should never share a single hot dog. It leaves both diners hungry. And sharing a fully dressed hot dog with 'kraut and chili and all that other gooey stuff is just too messy.

A bigger mystery for me is why a dog is $3 at a Yankee game, but $6.25 at Citi Field.

Jun. 26 2014 10:22 PM

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