Is Your Kitty A Wild Animal?

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A New York bodega cat ponders its next kill
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After thousands of years of co-existence, cats have succeeded in conquering the human home. America's most popular pet, there are roughly 96 million house cats in the country, 16 million more than pet dogs according to the ASPCA. 

But then, there's also an estimated 70 million feral cats in the the United States too. An encounter with one of these wild, obstinate creatures might be enough to convince you that cats aren't so domestic after all. Indeed, science is divided on Felis catus' status as a domestic animal.

David Grimm is a deputy news editor at Science and the author of "Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship With Cats and Dogs," which traces the journey of pets from wild animals to members of the family.

He shares the science behind the debate and weighs in with his own opinions.