Are Bicycle Shares Good for Business?

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All this week on The Takeaway we're talking bicycles—bicycle music, bicycle haikus, and bike share programs springing up across the country.

The Takeaway sat down and talked with two bike shop owners to get their opinion of bike sharing systems. Charlie McCorkell is the owner of Bicycle Habitat in New York City and Ashanti Austin is the co-owner of the Hub Bike Co-op in Minneapolis.

Both agree that bike shares are a positive force in their community—but it has affected their businesses in different ways.

For Austin, bike sharing programs have had a positive effect on her business—she says such programs have helped her bike shop by producing bicycle enthusiasts. McCorkell, on the other hand, says that New York City's CitiBike program has driven his bike rental business off a cliff and he’s selling less bikes.

A special thanks to Charlie McCorkell for donating the prizes for this contest. And on that note, don't forget to submit a haiku about your bike or bike riding experience here.