Arab-American Comedy Festival Hopes to 'Make America Laugh Again'

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The 13th annual New York Arab-American Comedy Festival kicks off today at comedy clubs throughout the city. The annual showcase has evolved since it first launched after 9/11, from a handful of comics to more than 20 comedians performing at five different venues. 

The Arab-American community has been under siege in the last year, and that hasn't been lost on the organizers, Maysoon Zayid and Dean Obeidallah. This year's theme is "Make America Laugh Again," and the festival logo features a camel named Jamal D. Hump, who looks a little bit like the presidential nominee (see above)

Dean Obeidallah joins The Takeaway today to reflect on the festival. He's a former attorney turned comedian and host to his own show on Sirius XM radio. He says there is still a lot to laugh at, despite the increasing strains on the Arab community.