The Applebee's-Only Social Networking App is A Hoax, Of Course.

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TGIF, hopefully this will be the last silly internet story of the week. 

Developer Mike Lazer-Walker has created an app called WhatsApplebee's. It's an anonymous chat app that you can only use within Applebee's restaurants. The branding on the site is a pretty good approximation of bland corporate design, so if you don't read particularly carefully, it's easy to believe that the thing is really from Applebee's. 

It's not, of course.

A small disclaimer at the bottom of the site reads "Not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Applebee's International, Inc., or any of its subsidaries or affiliates." I'm not sure what exactly is getting satirized here -- it's not as if we're living amidst an epidemic of fast food sponsored anonymous chat applications.

If you want to try the app out for yourself, you can head to the App Store here. I won't be! Not so much out of anti-hoax protest (although sure, why not), but more because broke my iPhone this morning with a questionable third party charging cable, and I'm not going to get it fixed over this silliness. Enjoy the weekend everybody. Try not to hoax each other.