Apple Could Soon Be The New Owner Of Beats Electronics

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There's a hotly debated acquisition rumored to be underway in the music world: Apple -- the home of iPads, iPhones, and iTunes -- might soon be the new owner of Beats Electronics. The company known for its Beats by Dre headphones and Beats Music subscription music service could soon be under the Apple umbrella, if a multi-billion dollar deal goes through. We talk about the reported acquisition and what it might mean for consumers with New York Times music writer Ben Sisario

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On why this is seen as an unusual move for Apple: 

[Apple] has tended to buy companies that have some piece of technology that they want, but aren't necessarily a big name. This is a case where Beats' strongest asset in some sense is its brand name. It's been a real marketing success story.... You can't really go anywhere without seeing somebody wearing one of those headphones that has the "B" on it. So it's a huge brand, and the idea that Apple is interested in another brand and trying to make that part oi ts own offerings is unusual for Apple. 

On the many theories swirling around as to why Apple is making this move: 

One is that it's more about the hardware -- it's about the headphones and speakers and other products that Beats makes. The other is the music service. Beats Music was introduced in January as a competitor to Spotify -- a streaming music subscription service. The third theory is that it's actually more about Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre. Apple already has lots of success selling products, they have lots of success selling music -- maybe they don't really need the headphones and music service as much as they need new vision and new blood.