#3287: The Apollo Project, Live

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Brian Eno's Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks (recorded in 1983), was the musical setting for a non-narrative collection of NASA stock footage from the Apollo program, and was something that Eno didn’t perform live.  A talented cast visits our studio to bring to life a re-imagining of the nearly 30-year old Eno tribute to the Nasa moon landings.

Four of the musicians from “The Apollo Project,” Mike Gordon (Phish), Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan's longtime guitarist), and itsnotyouitsme (Caleb Burhans & Grey McMurray)  join us on this New Sounds program to play some of the realizations of "Apollo." 

PROGRAM # 3287, (First aired on 1/5/2012)                                                  





Brian Eno

Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks

An Ending (Ascent) [4:26]
Always Returning [4:04]

Editions EG CD-53
Available at Amazon.com

Larry Campbell, itsnotyouitsme, Mike Gordon

Live, 1/5/12

Deep Blue Day [4:14]
Under Stars, II [3:57]
Weightless [4:02]

These performances not commercially available.  
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David Lang / So Percussion

The Woodmans

Pot Melody [2:29]

Cantaloupe CA 21079