Anna Chlumsky on Keeping It Together on "Veep"

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Anna Chlumsky talks about her Emmy-nominated role in the HBO comedy “Veep.” She plays Amy Brookheimer, the ambitious chief of staff to Vice President Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Chlumsky explained how Amy approaches her job: "I think Amy fancies herself someone who is willing to lose some of the battles now, maybe in her personal life or, you know, in her dynamic with Selina, in order to win the long game…Amy’s like her one-woman mafia – every favor she does, she’s going to call in somewhere."

The cast of "Veep" has consulted with lots of people who work in politics. "We know that it’s only funny if it’s as rooted in truth as possible. Especially because it’s so farcical what we’re actually doing, so we’re very committed to tell people’s stories the way they know it and the way they live it."

She described the show's collaborative rehearsal process: “[creator and executive producer Armando Ianucci] likes to workshop his scripts…where he’ll have a draft that all these brilliant writers…will come up with. And then he gets the cast around a table, we all read it, and then we all get up on our feet and just muck around. And then all the writers’ll be furiously taking notes. And then in the next drafts you start to see some of the things that you did in that rehearsal period.”