ASPCA Gets Out of the Animal Cruelty Enforcement Business

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Reporting an animal cruelty case? You should now call 311 or 911 if you see a crime taking place.

In the past few days, the ASPCA has reportedly laid off nearly all of its 17 remaining law enforcement agents. The New York Police Department will be taking the lead instead.

That's because the NYPD, which has always had a legal responsibility to to enforce New York's animal cruelty laws,  is now the primary law enforcement agency for animal abuse, a role the ASPCA handled for nearly 150 years. 

Advocates of the change say the ASPCA's small staff could not handle the volume of abuse reports. But critics say they're concerned animal abuse complaints will be given a lower priority by police.

The ASPCA said it will continue to provide forensic services, housing for seized animals, and adoption assistance to the NYPD.

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