When You're Down in the Polls, It Helps to Have a Superfan

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Angel Cordero was among the supporters at Gov. Christie's presidential campaign launch.
From New Jersey Public Radio

The summer of 2013. It doesn’t seem that distant. But it might as well be a political lifetime ago for Chris Christie.

This was post-Sandy and pre-Bridgegate. The governor was soaring in the polls and coasting to reelection.

Today? According to New Jersey Public Radio’s Matt Katz, the guy who never had a hard time getting attention is fighting for crumbs from the national press. He says, “It seems like this magic he had to make headlines, to cut through the noise, is lost.”

Matt joins us for a sobering comparison between summer ’13 and summer ’15 – including a moment this week when Donald Trump out-Christied Christie in his own backyard.

Also this week:

When you’re down in the polls it’s good to have a supporter like Angel Cordero in your corner.

The activist for school choice and Camden issues might be best known for his unabashed Gov-love. You may have seen him before. He was that super-enthusiastic guy in the bleachers during Christie’s presidential announcement in Livingston. And he joins host David Furst this week on the Christie Tracker Podcast.


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