Andrew W.K. Says You Need to Party to Stop Political Divisiveness

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Andrew W.K. poses for a portrait backstage after his performance at Joe's Pub on October 2, 2009 in New York City.
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Andrew W.K. is (half of the time, at least) a musician who creates anthemic, endearingly over-the-top rock songs. The other half, he's a bit of an odd-job oddball who's played the role of weathermanfitness guru and pizza-guitar enthusiast. He's also quite compellingly made a career as a motivational speaker and advice columnist.

So it was no surprise that when W.K. announced his alternative political party, "The Party Party." It was a genuinely sincere endeavor (it even included a pretty convincing advertisement as well). His idea: utilize the power of partying — or "transcendental positivity," as W.K. says — to overcome the political disunity of the American traditional two-party system.

As Election Day draws closer, W.K. plans to broadcast his message on a 50-state speaking tour entitled, "The Power of Partying." Click on the 'Listen' button above to hear our full interview with Andrew W.K.