Andrew W.K. And Phillip Crandall On 'I Get Wet'; 50 Years Of Summer Jams

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Andrew W.K.'s album, 'I Get Wet,' was released in 2001.

In this episode: Back in 2002 Andrew W.K. kickstarted a party-rock movement with his debut, I Get Wet. The musician-turned-entertainer-turned-advice columnist and writer Phillip Crandall -- who covered W.K.’s debut in his new book for the 33 1/3 series -- reflect on that now-classic album. Plus, Crandall describes what it’s like to listen to I Get Wet on repeat for an entire year and we ask Andrew W.K. for the three people with whom he would most like to party.

Then: Blogger and “data storyteller” Eliot Van Buskirk has been crunching 50 years of Billboard and Spotify data on summer jams. He joins us with his analysis and some surprising conclusions about sun-soaked songs.