New York, San Francisco, Boston Top List of Country's Most Walkable Cities

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Want to live in a neighborhood where you don't have to own a car? There's a website for that.

Walk Score released its 2014 rankings of the country's most walkable cities. No surprise: the top three are densely populated, transit-rich, and bike-share available. New York comes out on top, with a score of 88 out of a possible 100.

But drill down on individual neighborhoods and some cities become even more walkable than at first glance. New York has over 100 neighborhoods scoring in the "Walker's Paradise" (90+) range. (Somewhat amusingly, Rikers Island is the city's least walkable neighborhood.)

Walk Score uses the rankings in part to advertise apartment rentals, thereby tapping into a growing demand. Research shows a strong majority of so-called Millennials want to live in urban cores, people will pay more to live in walkable neighborhoods, and residences near transit made for better real estate investments during the recent recession. Not to mention we might have achieved both 'peak car' and 'peak pickup.'

See the list here.

“For decades, Americans have tended to drive more every year, but that’s changing,” said Josh Herst, CEO at Walk Score. “Today commuting by bus, bike and foot are on the rise as more people choose apartments and homes in walkable neighborhoods and with shorter, cheaper and happier commutes.” - See more at: