#3318: American Mavericks

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For this New Sounds, a look at the loner iconoclastic American maverick composers who have set the stage for New Sounds.  We'll hear music from composer (and insurance businessman) Charles Ives, and something by John Cage, the sound-experimenter and subscriber to chance. (We won't hear his most notorious piece, 4'33" - it just doesn't work on the radio.)

Also, there's music from Lou Harrison, a composer who worked with non-western instruments, (like his works for Javanese gamelan), and started to incorporate microtones and just intonation in his works. Plus, hear music by Harry Partch a composer who was frustrated by the limitations of standard Western musical tunings, and built his own instrument creations. (See and PLAY them.)  These and more American maverick composers on the program.  

PROGRAM #3318 American Mavericks  (First aired on 3/28/2012)                                                            





Michael Tilson Thomas, conductor | San Francisco Symphony | Glenn Fischthal, trumpet

Charles Ives: An American Journey

Charles Ives: the Unanswered Question, excerpt [1:30]

 RCA Victor 63703
Available at Amazon.com or Arkiv Music www.arkivmusic.com

Theo Bleckmann & Kneebody

Twelve songs by Charles Ives

Serenity [5:17]

Winter & Winter 910147

Brooklyn Rider

Dominant Curve

John Cage: In a Landscape [9:53]

In a Circle Records 003

Sorrel Hays, piano

Sorrel Hays Plays the Piano Music of Henry Cowell

Henry Cowell : The Banshee [3:17]

Town Hall 48

ensemble of Partch instruments, Danlee Mitchell, conductor

Harry Partch: Delusion of the Fury

Delusion of the Fury: Exordium [10:48]

Innova 406

Lou Harrison, William Winant, members of the Mirecourt Trio & the Mills College Gamelan Ensemble

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello

Lou Harrison: Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan,excerpt [8:05]

Music & Arts 635 Out of print. Reissued with different pairing of Harrison’s Piano Trio, for violin, cello & piano on Music & Arts 1073. Available at Amazon.com* or Arkiv Music www.arkivmusic.com

La Monte Young / Theater of Eternal Music brass band

1990 rehearsal performance

La Monte Young - The Lower Map of the 11s Division of the Romantic Symmetry Over a 60 Cycle Base In Prime Time from 112 to 144 with 119, excerpt [7:12]

This performance not commercially available.