American Communities Project: Analyzing the Complexities of the U.S. Electorate

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The United States isn’t just one place. We’re a nation made up of towns and villages, rural farms and big cities. And each community has its own unique challenges.

It’s the goal of the American Communities Project — also known as the ACP — to make sense of these places. Using data from election results, economic numbers, consumer surveys and polling, the ACP has mapped every single county in America and assigned it a “community type” based on different demographics, like "Urban Suburb," "Rural Middle America," and "Hispanic Centers."

In the final days before the election, The Takeaway will be hearing from voters in each of the 15 community types identified by the ACP in a series we're calling "Portrait of An American Voter." Here, Dante Chinni, director of the American Communities Project and a political and data reporter for The Wall Street Journal, discusses his project and what it's telling him ahead of Election Day.