The Sexy, Unassuming New Neighborhood Buildings

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Weeksville Heritage Center

Far from the glassy towers of the World Trade Center site in downtown Manhattan, some interesting, smaller buildings have sprouted up in the city. They include a recycling facility in Brooklyn and an ambulance-dispatch center in The Bronx.

In this interview, architecture critic James Russell said they are among the least noticed public buildings, but could have a long-lasting impact. "For decades we built them like fortresses, with barred windows, a lot of chain-link fencing, and that has really changed in the last decade or so," he said.

Here are some of the buildings Russell highlights:

Sunset Park Recycling Center, Brooklyn.

Weeksville Heritage Center, Brooklyn.

Mariners Harbor Library, Staten Island.

Hunters Point South Park, Queens. 

Zerega Ave. EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Bronx.