"The Ambassador Revue” a Rediscovered Cole Porter Score

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Cole Porter

When the Jazz Age crossed over to France in the 1920s, Cole Porter was in the center of it all. In 1928, he created a revue for the Café des Ambassadeurs, Paris' hottest night club, which became a sensation. Later that year, Porter had his first hit on Broadway and “The Ambassador Revue” fell into oblivion until 2012 when the score was rediscovered by Ken Bloom and Christophe Mirambeau in an archive in Milan, Italy. Ken Bloom talks about unearthing that score, along with Grammy-winner Vince Giordano, bandleader for the Nighthawks, and Tom Wopat, who will be performing "The Ambassador Revue" at its American premiere on June 27 at Town Hall.