#3265: With the Alwan Arab Music Ensemble

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For this New Sounds, listen to a live performance by the Alwan Arab Music Ensemble. It's a group of classical players, six members strong and based in New York, all of whom sing and play a wide range of Arab musical styles on traditional instruments.  We'll be treated to Egyptian, Iraqi, and Syrian classical art music from Cairo, Baghdad, and the ancient city of Aleppo.

Each of the cities has a great legacy in art and culture, and a characteristic and distinct musical repertory.  Yet all three traditions take as its base the maqam, with great emphasis on poetry and vocal melodies sung either by a soloist or a chorus, and accompanied by the ensemble.  The Alwan Arab Music Ensemble is comprised of George Ziadeh, oud, vocals; Tareq Abboushi, buzuq, vocals; Sami Shumays, violin, vocals; Johnny Farraj, riqq, vocals; Zafer Tawil, qanun, violin, vocals; Amir Elaaffar, santur, trumpet, and vocals.  

PROGRAM # 3265,  Alwan Arab Music Ensemble, live (First aired on 11/02/2011)                                                





Alwan Arab Music Ensemble

Live @ WNYC, 11/02/11

Samaii Rast – Ya Shadi al –Alhan [7:00]
Awedti Ayni [5:00]
Hijaz introduction – Maqam- Foug il-Nakhl [9:00]

Not commercially available. Information: www.alwanforthearts.org

Abed Azrie


Murmur Of The Breeze [5:00]
Laughing [4:30]

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