#3273: Alleged Orchestras

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All sorts of different ensembles will play with our expectations of the "orchestra," for this New Sounds program, including Alexander Berne & the Abandoned Orchestra, where the traditional orchestral instruments have been abandoned and Berne invented his own.  There's also music from the Asphalt Orchestra, a 12-piece guerrilla marching band whose spectacular antics, omnivorous repertoire, and brave arrangements invade streets via an exuberant new music parade.

Plus, music from the New Jersey Laptop Orchestra, the Fake Orchestra, the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, and much more.

PROGRAM # 3273, Alleged Orchestras  (First aired on 11/22/2011)                                                           





New Jersey Laptop Orchestra

the Willingness to be Touched

Pogo Riot [3:34]

Terra Nova Music
TN 1108
Available at www.cdbaby.com

Arnold Dreyblatt & the Orchestra of Excited Strings

the Orchestra of Excited Strings

The Adding Machine [8:15]

Cantaloupe Records CA21006

Asphalt Orchestra

Asphalt Orchestra

Goran Bregovic: Champagne [4:49]

Cantaloupe Records CA21066

Alexander Berne & Abandoned Orchestra

Flickers of Mime/Death of Memes

Flkr 1 [8:19]

Flkr 8 [4:50]


Innova 804

Susanna & the Magical Orchestra

Melody Mountain

Scott Walker: It's Raining Today [4:26]

Rune Grammofon RCD2057
runegrammofon.comOR susannamagical.com

Penguin Café Orchestra

Signs of Life

Perpetuum Mobile [4:28]

EG Records EEG 50
Most PCO albums are on the EG label and are available online: www.penguincafe.com

Fake Orchestra

Fake Life

Guinee [13:08]

GOGA Music