Alec Baldwin on Channeling Donald Trump and Running For Office

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Actor Alec Baldwin has had a number of roles throughout his long career, but lately he's been making a splash with a now-iconic character: President-elect Donald Trump.

Baldwin is quickly becoming the go-to voice for satire on the Trump presidency. A long time activist (just last week, The Takeaway spoke with him about his fight to shut down the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant just north of New York City), Baldwin appears to be having the time of his life poking fun at America’s next president.

Baldwin says that the key to impersonating Trump is raising one eyebrow and laying on the president-elect’s unmistakable accent and dialect.

“We always default to [using adjectives like] ‘fantastic,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘terrific,’’ Baldwin says. “He never comes up with anything stronger or clearer … He’s not a great thinker. He demonstrates that over and over again. It’s kind of harrowing, actually.”

Click on the ‘Listen’ button above to hear our full interview with Alec Baldwin, and to hear him get into character as Donald Trump.