Alan Gilbert, The Exit Interview

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Alan Gilbert, the outgoing Music Director of the New York Philharmonic, departs after eight years

Alan Gilbert, when he took over the New York Philharmonic, in 2009, became the first NY-born Music Director of the ensemble. Gilbert wraps up his tenure with the orchestra this June, and somehow in his farewell time, he was able to visit with Soundcheck. In the podcast, he modestly recounts how he came in hoping to re-establish the personality of the NY Phil, how he challenged the group to achieve a “new normal,” – working with the orchestra as part of any production to make it an event, from balling up pieces up paper and throwing them at Gilbert, having a tea party & dancing during “Petrushka,” and that he made sure to bring back composers-in-residence. Gilbert also lingers on the highlights of his time: mounting György Ligeti's work, “Le grand macabre,” the Contact! Series, and the NY Phil Biennial. Many thanks for the past eight years of creative leadership, Maestro!