Ahmed Taibi Benhima

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On his first stop on way to the Middle and Far East, U.S. Secretary of State Kissinger is welcomed by Moroccan foreign minister Ahmed Taibi Benhima on Nov. 5, 1973 in Rabat, Morocco.

This episode is from the WNYC archives. It may contain language which is no longer politically or socially appropriate.

Ambassador Ahmed Taibi Benhima Morocco speaks through interpreter Hal Lehrman. Discussion to a skirmish that took place on the Algerian-Moroccan border in October 1963, it was a Moroccan attempt to claim the Tindouf and the Bechar areas that France had annexed to French Algeria a few decades earlier.

Audio courtesy of the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC Collection

WNYC archives id: 70419
Municipal archives id: T228