Advice Roulette: Working Women

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Working women found in the Lean In gallery of Getty's updated stock image collection.

Today is a special installment of our occasional feature - radio advice roulette! In honor of Equal Pay Day, women listeners can ask fellow listeners for job-related advice live on the radio. By some estimates, women still earn on average about 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, and so today symbolizes how long into the new year a woman has to work to earn what a man in the same job earned just in 2013. So this special edition of advice roulette is for women to give and get advice about careers, the workplace, and their home/work balance.

Here's how it works: If you need advice on anything work-related, whether it's how to ask for a raise, a promotion, more time off, anything - call 212-433-9692 and we'll pair you with a fellow WNYC listener. The catch? Before you get to ask for advice from someone, you have to give advice to another caller. 

Some of the Questions Asked During Our Segment

Got advice about these or any of the other topics that came up on the show today? Post in the comments!

  • How truthful are you when you disclose your current salary when you’re applying for a new job? 
  • How do you approach a co-worker you have a dispute with? 
  • A caller in college says that she doesn't love her major as much as her other studies. Should she switch majors, even if it means taking on more school, and more debt?
  • If your colleague is skeptical of your sick days, how do you walk the line between explaining your doctor's appointments and disclosing personal information? 
  • How do you go about switching industries in the middle of your career? 
  • How do you change the perception of who you are as a co-worker mid-career? Maybe you’ve changed as a person, or as a worker...How do you make sure people recognize who you have become?