Advice for Mid-Career Professionals

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This segment is part of our latest New Tech City podcast. Listen to the full episode here, and subscribe here.

Carmen Scheidel, Vice President of Learning + Development at Time, Inc., gives tips for mid-career workers.

Carmen's Top 5 Tips

1. Stay on top of trends by reading digital news from sources you enjoy.

2. Make tip #1 easy on yourself by subscribing to email newsletters delivered to your inbox. Spend 15 minutes per day scanning headlines and reading what interests you.

3. Build your personal profile online on LinkedIn, Twitter and Quora.

4. Get out and meet people. Join a Meetup group (or start your own group around a subject that interests you).

5. Do random things that you enjoy. I am convinced that those random connections will add up to something and shape a very meaningful career.

Carmen's Top Resources

1. Sign up for Mediabistro's Morning Media Newsfeed.

2. Embrace online learning: Try to learn technical skills. For social media training, try Mediabistro's Social Media 101.

3. Check out Glassdoor to learn how much a company pays for a given position and what current and past employees say about working there.

4. Don't be afraid to cold-call people on LinkedIn (or elsewhere). Just be sure to offer the person something of value, rather than just asking for a favor.

5. Check out General Assembly, Skillshare or other startups focused on teaching you the specific skills you need to create the kind of career you want.