Adapting To Climate Change

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Hurricane Sandy beginning to make landfall on October 29, 2012

No matter what you believe about climate change, there seems to be many more extreme weather events occurring more frequently. These natural disasters upset lives and destroy property, leading to escalating clean-up and reconstruction costs. "Adapting To Climate Change" explores the plans that engineers, scientists, government officials, business leaders, NGOs, and community groups around the world are making to deal with future catastrophic events and shifting weather patterns.

Among the topics that the special will explore includes:

  • Protecting the coastlines of New York and New Jersey from the next Hurricane Sandy
  • Preparing the Midwest for droughts and floods
  • Adapting farming techniques to changing rainfall patterns in Brazil
  • Planning for rising sea levels in South Africa

This one-hour special is co-hosted by PBS documentarian Rick Karr and IEEE Spectrum's Susan Hassler.