The 'Acela Primary' Marked the Real Beginning of This Election

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Supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton react to early projections at a primary night campaign event April 26, 2016 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Susan Page, Washington Bureau chief of USA TODAY, talks about how voters in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island voted and what that means for the campaigns going forward.

"Donald Trump has turned out to be a pretty good fit for this party," Page noted, pointing out that most political commentators have gotten a lot of things wrong this cycle.

Trump now needs to secure about half of the remaining delegates, and while it's not "totally clear sailing" ahead, Page thinks it's "a realistic bar to reach."

Page said it's time to realize that we're heading toward a general election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and we should not make too many assumptions about how it's going to turn out.

As for Bernie Sanders, who won in Rhode Island but lost to Clinton in the other states that voted, Page said he put out an important message last night. He's coming around to the idea that he won't be the candidate, and now "he's deciding how to use this incredible army he's attracted" to influence the party.