Why George Washington Kept Pursuing a Runaway Slave

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Mount Vernon, the home of America's first president, Gen. George Washington, is seen in Mt. Vernon, Va. Feb. 20, 2011, a day before the nation's President's Day celebration marks Washington's birthday

Erica Armstrong Dunbar, Blue and Gold Distinguished Professor of Black American Studies and History at the University of Delaware, joins us to discuss her new book Never Caught: Ona Judge, the Washingtons, and the Relentless Pursuit of Their Runaway Slave. She tells the story of Oney "Ona" Judge Staines, a favored slave and seamstress in the household of President Washington, who ran away. Despite being pursued by Washington's slave hunters, Staines gave an account of her escape to an abolitionist newspaper in 1845 after starting a new life in New Hampshire.

Erica ArmstrongĀ Dunbar will be speaking at the 92nd Street Y (1395 Lexington Avenue) on Wednesday, March 8th at 12:00pm. For more information, click here.