As The Rio Olympics Get Underway, Alt.Latino Shares Its Love For Brazilian Music

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The 2016 Olympic and Paralympic mascots are named for iconic Brazilian musicians: Vincius (for Vincius de Moraes) and Tom (for Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim), respectively.

Friday marks the official launch of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, where an array of Brazilian music is expected in the opening ceremonies. While all eyes are on Brazil for the next two weeks, we here at Alt.Latino get to share our own love affair with the country's vast musical heritage. My short conversation with David Greene on NPR's Morning Edition, at the audio link above, is just the tip of the iceberg — of both the music and our coverage.

Longtime listeners have heard new tracks from throughout Brazil sprinkled into our weekly coverage of Latin music. For those who are new to Alt.Latino and Brazilian music, we have collected a few of our past shows that put the spotlight on Brazil.

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