A Conversation On Blacks In Tech Aims to Illuminate And Demystify

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Flipboard created a magazine dedicated to the Twitter discussion, which is continuing through the end of December.

Since the beginning of December, our colleagues at Tell Me More have been hosting a wide-ranging conversation about blacks in tech fields on #NPRBlacksInTech. The tech sector is growing so fast that there's likely to be more jobs than Americans are able to fill, but black folks remained wildly underrepresented: only about four percent of software developers are black, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. (The Code Switch crew chimed in early on the conversation when we looked at the world of open source coding, which should have fewer barriers to entry, but suffers from the same racial disparities.)

As part of the ongoing Twitter conversation, folks in the tech world have been answering questions about the ins and outs of their professional lives and talking about what it's like to be one of the few African Americans in that sector. It's been a voluminous conversation. Here are some of the highlights.

Today, Flipboard crafted a digital magazine crafted around the #NPRblacksintech convo, which will continue for the rest of the month. It all culminates in a Google Hangout on Dec. 17. You can (and should!) join in on the discussion at the hashtag #NPRBlacksInTech.

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