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Monday, November 01, 2010

Julie Dent, NYC Board of Elections president, talks about what voters can expect on Tuesday. 


Julie Dent

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Glenn Ribotsky from Queens

I agree with Patti and several others here who have commented on the interview with Julie Dent--she certainly did not promote confidence in the Board of Elections with her obfuscating inarticulation, her lack of comprehension, and her robo-responses. If this is who that body sends on a radio show as a public representative . . .

I'm amazed that Brian didn't lose his temper with her, for I certainly would have--I was yelling at my car radio after several minutes.

Nov. 02 2010 04:35 PM
Bobby G from East Village

I tried to write-in my vote for Proposal 1. I was told that because it can't be scanned it won't be counted and the ballot would be voided. The election workers voided my ballot and gave me an affidavit ballot. I wrote-in my vote, but I think the ballot will not be counted because I did not qualifiy under the three conditions for an affidavit ballot. The ghost of Kafka was at my polling place.

Nov. 02 2010 03:34 PM
David from West Side from Upper West Side

I'm a moderate democrat (honestly) and I am thoroughly convinced that the city can get by without Ms. Dent. Listening to her praise failure and then correct Brian by explaining where she sits in the org chart reminded me of Soviet bureaucracies. I firmly believe that government has a role to play AND the need to staff it with competent people: so where is my party? Who stands for competence?

Nov. 01 2010 02:26 PM
PeteNY from Manahatta

Wait a minute? Burson-Marsteller, the world's largest PR firm, has a $6 million contract with BOE (on taxpayer money) and this is who they present us with? Yikes!

That said, I'm a poll worker, and it'll go fine in my assigned districts tomorrow because we have a great team. We don't need to rely on these party hacks.

Nov. 01 2010 12:44 PM

richard, thanks for the referral to the sample of the voting page, they should have mentioned in the 2 segments. still seems like a scary transistion during such an important election cycle. but aren't they all.
happy voting!

Nov. 01 2010 11:47 AM
Beverly Clark from Harlem, NYC

The actual instructions on the voting ballot state (no. 5) that "Any other mark or writing, or any erasure made on the ballot outside the voting ovals or blanknspaces provided for voting will void thie entire ballot."

Will the recommendation I heard on the air today for dissidents to write in a comment regarding the two proposals on the ballot render the ballot void?

Nov. 01 2010 11:45 AM
Michelle Leberfeld from Manhattan

The interview with Julie Dent was very disappointing, and not just because she spoke poorly. If it's true as she said that the forms are clear and easy to use, why was George Gonzales fired?

Nov. 01 2010 10:50 AM
Calls'em... from Here, there & everywhere

Wow, ACORN is in charge of the board of elections. Lords knows what kind of fraud will happen this year with ACORN types and SEIU workers running the process and "fixing" the machines. The great fraud has already begun in many of the Democrat states with early voting - only NPR & WNYC haven't been covering that. How convenient.

Nov. 01 2010 10:49 AM
Amy from Manhattan

Brian, thanks for asking about write-in votes on the ballot questions! I'd been wondering about that myself, having written "no term limits" in the write-in slot on the old machines the last time there was a ballot q. on this issue. I was told by the poll workers that it would be counted. There's no oval for a write-in vote for ballot q's. on the new ballots, the way there is for candidates. Of course you can write another choice in on the paper, but the question is, will it be counted?

Nov. 01 2010 10:48 AM
Mike from Tribea

You know the citizenry and the national "conversation" (to use a favorite NPR buzz word) has become seriously dumbed down when a barely existent cock-up is equated to living in the Soviet Union, as a poster wrote below.

Nov. 01 2010 10:41 AM
richard from nyc

tpo, did you LOOK at the sample ballot here on this website? Isn't it clear and obvious where your candidate's oval is, do you really have the slightest doubt as to where to make your mark? Hint, STAY IN THE BOX !!!

Nov. 01 2010 10:31 AM
john from Office

This guest has QUOTA BOSS written all over her.

Nov. 01 2010 10:28 AM
Patti from NYC

The lack of intelligence in this woman's remarks is appalling. It this the best person they could find for the job?? She says she used to be a teacher and doesn't even know basic grammar. ie: "there are many languages that 'has' to be printed on our ballots"?? If this is an example of our city's appointees, it's one of the scariest interviews I've ever heard.

Nov. 01 2010 10:27 AM
dboy from nyc

Love the droning pat rhetoric of a bureaucrat.

Nov. 01 2010 10:26 AM

this was so crazy and non-sensical. leaving it all in the hands of pollworkers to guide us? can't they make a paper ballot that makes sense. And can't they send a spokesperson that makes sense. Ever heard of PR???

Nov. 01 2010 10:26 AM
linda hoaglund from Brooklyn

If Julie Dent is in charge of voting in NYC, I am in despair. Shame on Mayor Bloomberg for appointing an inarticulate, defensive person to run our precious elections. I'm voting early tomorrow morning, just in case...

Nov. 01 2010 10:25 AM
John from NYC

I'm sure a nice woman in a tough situation. She sidestepped the "what qualifies you..." question however. Her education background sounds like not a bad start. Better than some politico crony. That said, why am I worried that I will be spending hours in line tomorrow in my mainly immigrant neighborhood where English is a second language for many, many voters and they barely got the previous system.

Nov. 01 2010 10:25 AM
Mike from Tribeca

Sorry about the typo, I should've written -- I don't get this "controversy." We received our guide to the new rules long ago, and the "oval" was right there in the picture in the box right under the candidate's name.

Nov. 01 2010 10:24 AM
Gideon Katz from Manhattan

The poll workers saw how I voted when I was scanning in my ballot. I spoke with others who had the same problem.

Nov. 01 2010 10:24 AM
Leah from Brooklyn

As a reasonably intelligent person who can usually navigate municipal signage, I wasn't worried about my ability to cast my vote tomorrow...until I heard this interview. If this woman is driving the bus, I feel a header off a cliff is imminent.

Nov. 01 2010 10:23 AM
Jeff Pappas from Ct.

Then it Ain't no palm card !

Nov. 01 2010 10:22 AM
Max Z. from New York, NY

Wow, welcome back to the Soviet Union. There is nothing wrong with the system. The ballots have no problem, the poll workers do not see or comment on your votes... Really?

Nov. 01 2010 10:21 AM
Mike from Tribeca

I don't get this "controversy." We received our guide to the new rules long ago, and the "oval" was right there in the picture in the box right under the candidate's box.

Nov. 01 2010 10:20 AM
Richard from nyc

If one just stays within the box, that is the outline enclosing each candidate's name, there can be NO mistake.

Nov. 01 2010 10:20 AM
CL from New York

What an embarrassment this woman is. By the way, if her predecessor had done "a fine job" (as she claims), he wouldn't have been fired. She should also be thrown out along with all of the other commissioners so that the citizens of New York can be assured that their rights are being protected.

Nov. 01 2010 10:19 AM
G. Lynas from Upper Left Side

I have not heard anyone mention that the ovals are in the same box as the candidates names.

Nov. 01 2010 10:18 AM
Gail from Brooklyn

This is pathetic beyond words. We can do better than this.

Nov. 01 2010 10:18 AM
bernie from bklyn

she sounds like the female version of george gonzalez. she's appearing on the show today to bring clarity to the confusion w/ the layout of the ballot and she instantly created more confusion. do you think it's below or next to? do you trust this woman? i don't.
it's entitled state workers like this that are the problem....i feel like i'm at the motor vehicle and no one will answer my question- just spew out a nonsensical robotic answer.

Nov. 01 2010 10:16 AM
Jeff Pappas from Ct.

Amazing how many bad designers have jobs
while the good ones are out of work
She is a poor spokes person and confused !

Nov. 01 2010 10:14 AM
Maldo from Manhattan

Is there a place online where we can see the ballot?
Also, Telegram Sam is funny.

Nov. 01 2010 10:14 AM
katie from Brooklyn

This guest is unbelievable! "Next to" meaning "below"????! Are you kidding me?

Nov. 01 2010 10:13 AM
telegram sam from Staten Island

She seems very quick, intelligent, articulate, and on top of things. I'm confident we won't have any problems.

Nov. 01 2010 10:12 AM
thfs from Manhattan

It is incorrect to say that the Executive Director of the Board of Elections was fired by Mayor Bloomberg, he was fired by the Board of Elections itself which is a collection of people appointed by the two major parties. Mayor Bloomberg has limited authority over the BOE, except for funding authority.

Nov. 01 2010 10:10 AM

"what voters can expect on Tuesday"

chaos on tuesday
gridlock on wednesday!

Nov. 01 2010 08:42 AM

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