Contest for Congress: New Jersey's 5th District

The 5th District has voted to send Republican Congressman Scott Garrett to Washington four times. Garret is pro-life and is one of the most conservative members of the House. He voted against extending unemployment benefits and strongly opposes the Obama Administration's health care overhaul. Garrett, who lives in Wantage, has risen to national prominence with the Tea Party's ascendancy. He wants all of the Bush tax cuts extended.

Garrett is opposed by Democrat Tod Theise, a litigation analyst for a New York City law firm from Washington Township in Warren County. Theise is pro-choice and supports gay marriage. Theise wants each state to  get at least 75 cents back for every dollar of federal taxes they send to Washnigton. He would fund his plan by imposing a small transaction fee on derivative trades. Currently, New Jersey gets 61 cents back for every dollar it sends to Washington.

The 5th district encompasses parts of Beren, Passaic, Sussex and Warren County.

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