Looking Ahead to the Morning After Midterm Madness

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Jason Joseph  holds campaign signs during a get out the vote rally put on by local unions and Democratic politicians on the grounds of the Jackson Memorial hospital on October 18, 2010 in Miami, Fla.
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Hours of broadcast time, reams of paper, and terabytes upon terabytes of digital stream have been spent discussing what will happen next Tuesday, when voters across the country take to the polls. All of it, in essence, trying to answer the question: what's going to happen to the country on the morning after?

You can bet that the candidates have been giving thought to what they would do on day one; and today, we’re doing the same. We speak with Terence Samuel, managing editor of Beltway insiders' weekly The National Journal, about what will happen when campaigns turn to agendas, and newly minted representatives, Senators and Governors have to enact the promises they made on the trail.