Filling in the Holes: Reversing the ARC Tunnel

Now that New Jersey Govenor Chris Christie has cancelled the ARC tunnel project under the Hudson River once and for all, state agencies will begin to undo the work of the past year and a half.

That includes filling in a hole that contractors dug under Routes 1 and 9 in North Bergen, where trains were supposed to travel on their way to the new tunnel.

New Jersey Transit spokesman Paul Wyckoff says about a third of the underpass has been dug so far. It will be filled up with the dirt that came out of it, most of which is still at the work site.

NJ Transit and the Port Authority will also review the millions of dollars worth of properties they purchased on either side of the Hudson, which was needed for the tunnel's construction.

They'll also determine which they should keep, and which should be sold off in order to recoup some of the half a billion dollars spent on the aborted tunnel.