Former President Clinton Stumps for Cuomo in Brooklyn

Former President Bill Clinton brought a crowd of 1,200 Democratic party activists in Brooklyn to their feet with a wide-ranging speech boosting gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Cuomo and blasting Republicans.

Clinton contrasted both his record on the economy and the first two years of President Barack Obama's tenure with those of the Bush Administration.

"If you want smaller government, you should vote for the Democrats and we cut the taxes on the middle class," Clinton said prompting loud cheers from the crowd.

Clinton said he understood the public's frustration with the current slow rate of economic recovery. "We have record bankruptcy among people over 55," Clinton said. "We got to take our lumps and make our case."

The former President said it would take more time and a resounding Democratic victory on election day to turn around the worst national economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Clinton put next week's election in a national context, warning that if Republicans prevail, Democratic progress on making student loans and health care more affordable would be reversed.

"That health care bill has one key little sentence," Clinton said. "Eighty-five cents of every dollar of your health premium dollar has to go to your health care." He said that alone was worth fighting for come election day.