Still No Deal Between Fox and Cablevision As World Series Begins

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It's the first day of the World Series, and there's still no agreement between Cablevision and Fox. Some sports bars in the city are anticipating larger crowds during the series because of the dispute.

"I think most of the people that come in are just frustrated with the whole situation, because there doesn't seem to be any progress at this point" said Vinny Connors, a manager at Jack Dempsey's.

Gerry Doyle, owner of Kelly's Sports Bar, said he's had more costumers since the blackout began on October 16. "We're getting some more customers now because of the fact that we have DirecTV, so anybody who wanted to watch the Giants would come in here," he said.

"And we're expecting a little bit more because of the World Series, but, unfortunately, the Yankees aren't in it. It would have made a huge difference if the Yankees had got through."

Cablevision stopped carrying Fox's signal earlier this month, after the two failed to reach an agreement over fee increases. On Wednesday, the company said it was still willing to negotiate an offer to end the blackout.

Cablevision offered to pay Fox the same rate as Time Warner Cable, to carry Fox 5 in New York and Fox 29 in Philadelphia for one year.

Fox, too, expressed willingness to negotiate, but rejected Cablevision's offer, calling it "yet another in a long line of publicity stunts," in a statement released on Wednesday. "Cablevision is seeking a discounted 'package rate' without buying the entire package," the company said.